One thing we all know about the Aussie aesthetic, is how much people turn to natives for art styling. From proteas, the all famous eucalyptus leaves and banksias, it seems like everyone has some kind of Australian flora and fauna dawned onto their crips white walls.
But what some fail to see, is how incredible they are as living plants and not just pieces of art - albeit both are just as beautiful. Here are a few reasons you should consider adding an Aussie native plant to your space.

 They’re better for the environment

Having some of the harshest landscapes and environments in the world, it’s a no brainer that Aussie natives are better for the planet. Once established, they take up less water and are less prone to becoming invasive and weed like. They haven’t had to make any long-haul flights to get here either. 

Hard To Kill

We’ve all been there. Suddenly realising you haven’t watered Beth the Boston Fern in a few weeks and her leaves have crumbled into dust in the corner of your living room… oops. Natives are already acclimatised to our environment meaning they are drought tolerant, they won’t get cranky if you don’t water them and require much less of a commitment from you. Perfect for us Millennials. 

They’re Our Aussie Birth Right

By incorporating natives into you’re stying, you’re supporting preservation of the gob-smackingly beautiful species our land has curated here over the ages. Much of our natural wildlife has become less wild-like over time due to farming and land clearing, you’ll be continuing on our heritage. 

Here are our top picks of Australian native indoor plants

Kenita Palm

Kenita Palm Australian Native


Umbrella Tree

 Australian Native Umbrella Tree


String of Pearls

String of Pearls Australia Native Plant


Cunjevoi Lily

Cunjevoi Lily Australian Native Plant


Wax Vine

Wax Vine Australian Native Plant


Tasmanian Blue Eucalyptus

Tasmanian Blue Eucalyptus Tree Australian Native Indoor Plant

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